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10 Dec A photo of the Parish Church choir, possibly 1961 can be seen via the Music & Bells pages > Choirs - can you add/correct names?
30 Oct A photo of the Parish Church choir, possibly 1952 can be seen via the Music & Bells pages > Choirs - can you add/correct names?
22 Oct
Rev Mike Gardner (Church Army Captain, North Leatherhead 1986-1990) returns, accompanied by Kate and Oliver, to preach at the 10.30 Communion Service - see via the People pages > Old Staff Friends.
14 Oct 06 The 2006 Autumn Market raised £4,700
27 Sep 06 The funeral of
Jane Ireland took place at St Michael and All Angels, Mickleham. We sent our deepest sympathy to David (priest in charge, Mickleham) Emma, young David, Chris and Philip and all other members of the family including Jane’s father.
24 Sep 06 On Back to Church Sunday
Rev Carol Smith (Ordinand in training here, 2000-04) returned to preach at the 10.30 Communion service
30 July 06
Fr Keith Hodges (Curate here from December 1986 to November 1989) returned to preach at the 10.30 Communion service
28 July 06 Funeral of
David Heath
25 June 06
Rev Robert Jenkins, formerly Reader in this parish, now Vicar of Cobham & Stoke d'Abernon, returned to preach at the 10.30am Communion service
9 July 06 Canon David Eaton
preaches at Evensong in Westminster Abbey
11 June 06
Rev Juliette Hulme, Assistant Priest 1998-2001 returns to preach at the 10.30am Communion service click her name for latest news, some photos and her sermon.
21 May 06
Rev Carol Coslett, who was a Reader in this parish and Choir Director before training for ordination and since 2003 Curate at Horsell, Woking, returned to preach at the 10.30am Communion service.
30 Apr 06 Ceremony at the Leatherhead War Memorial and Twinning Service at the Parish Church during the visit by members of the Leatherhead/Triel Twinning Association from Triel sur Seine
2 Apr 06 The Annual Church Meeting took place in church.
29 Mar 06 Funeral of
Tony Leach MBE
27 Mar 06 Funeral of
Elsie Moore
26 Feb 06 The
Micklethwaites return when Mick is guest preacher at Family Communion - see Old Friends
15 Jan 06 Goodbye to
Rev Briony Martin and family
1 Jan 06 Congratulations to parishioner Meredith Vivian, Head of Patient Public Involvement, Department of Health, on the award of an OBE in the 2006 New Year's Honours

BFree Evening Services - from Dec 2006 magazine

I was sceptical about the Bfree Youth Cafe being at the All Saints Church Hall, but after attending two evening Services organised and run by the Youth I have now as they say "gone over to the other side". The Remembrance Service on the 12th November was very special and a lovely service; well done to all those who played a part. If you have not been to one of these Services why not give them a go on the 2nd Sunday of the month and in December they will be having mince pies following the Service.
Jane Summerfield

More than names - from the Nov 2006 magazine

Via the Leatherhead War Memorials Research website you can see the names of all those listed on the War Memorials in Leatherhead, including St John's School, and the history of our war memorials. In almost all cases there is additional information who their next of kin were and where they lived, and in some cases there is more complete information from family or friends.
Frank Haslam

Hassocks! - from the Nov 2006 magazine

You may have noticed that some of the hassocks are beginning to show their age; who isn't! I would like to hold a "Mend the Hassock" morning or afternoon under the Tower sometime in November and wondered if anyone would like to come and join me. All you would need to bring is a needle, thimble, pins and scissors. I will provide blue material, D Hooks, tape and thread, not to mention tea, coffee and biscuits. If you are interested, whatever your age or gender, please give me a ring and we can find a date to suit everyone.
F Presley

Outward Giving from the Nov 2006 magazine

Within the Parish budget there is an allocation for the Outward Giving of grants to a range of charities at home and overseas. In 2006 it was £6,500. Although details are available in the reports presented at the Annual Parish Meeting in the spring you may be unaware of which charities are supported:

World Mission Overseas:
Book Aid International provides books for schools and colleges in the developing world.
Christian Aid provides humanitarian support and relief around the world especially at times of crisis.
Church Mission Society (CMS) has evangelical and humanitarian projects in many countries.
Compassion UK focuses on child support overseas.
Leprosy Mission offers treatment and aftercare to sufferers.
Mission to Seafarers cares for seafarers in ports around the world.
United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (USPG) has many projects linked with churches in developing countries. Our grant supports their work in the Church of Bangladesh.
Water Aid, our Harvest Appeal last year was made their behalf.

Home Missions, local and national:
All Saints' Family Project in North Leatherhead.
Church of England Children's Society, it also receives donations at the Christingle Service.
Church Housing Trust provides housing for homeless people.
Church Schools, St Mary's and All Saints', in Leatherhead.
Church Urban Fund provides funding for projects in poor urban parishes in England.
Diocesan Guild of Bellringers. Leatherhead and Mid Surrey Samaritans. Leatherhead Night Hostel.
Leatherhead Youth Project (BFree).
The Club House, a Mental Health Day Centre in Leatherhead.

In addition to the annual grants there are special appeals at Harvest and Christmas. This year the Harvest Appeal for the USPG project in Bangladesh raised £1,268.19. We thank the congregation for their generous donations.
Helena Hill for the Outward Giving Committee

Trace your family

The church has launched a new area on its website to assist people to trace their family tree. Visit the new pages at: [now]

Parish Church Hall Improvements from September 2006

Over the summer, there have been welcome improvement made to the Parish Church Hall by way of internal redecoration to the main hall and refurbishments to the gents toilets and table store. Our thanks go to Kevin Taylor and the Hall Committee for organising this and managing the Hall week by week. The Hall is a great facility for church events and also accommodates many community meetings, as well as providing an essential part of church income.
David Eaton

Organ Matters - June 2006

May 2006 Joyce Salsbury attends Maundy Service

Maundy Service Joyce Salsbury was one of 160 people who received Maundy money from the Queen at Guildford Cathedral on Maundy Thursday. Joyce is in charge of the distribution of this magazine month by month and a long standing Church member. She was accompanied by Sheila Sutherland.

The Duke of Edinburgh accompanied the Queen. The Bishops of Guildford and Dorking were also in attendance, as well as the Chief Constable, the Mayor of Guildford and the High Sheriff of Surrey.

The Yeomen of the Guard carried in the Maundy money on large plates on their hats, held in their hands, and the Lord High Almoner (the Bishop of Manchester), not to mention the Keeper of the Closet and the Sub-Almoner, assisted the Queen. The choir of Guildford Cathedral combined with choirs of the Chapels Royal and sang, among other things Glorious and powerful God by Orlando Gibbons and Zadok the Priest by George Frederick Handel. David Eaton

A Royal Maundy - from the June 2006 magazine

On the morning of Maundy Thursday we drove to the Cathedral in good time for the service An efficient minibus system transferred us from the University to the Cathedral where cadets from the Armed Forces helped us alight. A stiff, chilly breeze was blowing, causing ladies to hold on to their elaborate hats chosen for the occasion.

As we entered the West End by the narthex we had to show photographic ID while dozens of police, not all in uniform, mingled with the crowds and assisted in searching items such as large handbags! All the officers I saw had "hearing aids" with cords going under their collars for instant communication.

At the foot of the hill were assorted vehicles such as a Mobile Police Station, an Incident Room, and Fire and Rescue. Nothing was left to chance; even the drains outside the Cathedral had been sealed as a further precaution.

We had a good view from the front of the Gallery but the Cathedral heating did not reach that part! We sat from 9.30 to
11am when we watched Her Majesty's arrival outside on television screens mounted on the pillars. Judging by the billowing robes of the Bishop and his party, the wind had strengthened.

Before The Queen walked up the aisle to the Upper Chancel we witnessed a series of processions of dignitaries and officials, including The Clerk of the Cheque and Adjutant. In all there were 20 Yeomen of the Guard, the first party appearing down the North Aisle preceded by their Sergeant marking time with a ceremonial stick, which he banged on the ground to keep them in step.

Magnificent organ music was played both by the sub-Organist of the Chapels Royal and the residential Cathedral Organist. The combined choirs of both establishments sang superbly and stirring trumpet fanfares were sounded. The Duke of Edinburgh read the first lesson prior to The Queen distributing the Maundy gifts, first on the South side of the Cathedral and then on the North side.

The gifts were red and white purses carried by members of the Yeomen of the Guard in special flat dishes dating from the seventeenth century. Our own Joyce Salsbury was chosen as one of the recipients "for Christian Service rendered to the Church and Community". This made a great state occasion and one of personal interest. Congratulations, Joyce.
Roger Lynch

Model of the Church - from the May magazine

Some of you may remember that I put a request in the Magazine before Christmas asking whether anyone would be interested in renovating a model of the Parish Church that Alison Wright had found in her house. It was a fine model but in need of a great deal of TLC. John Andrews has spent the last few months giving it just that and now it is fully restored to its former glory. Many thanks to John who has done a real labour of love, and when we can find the right place it will be put in the Church for all to see and enjoy [June - it is now on display in the Tower]. Frances Presley

Jan 2006 Inclusive Church update

Over the last few months we have been engaging in a lively discussion about inclusiveness within the church. Specifically we have been considering whether the PCC, on behalf of the Parish, should become a supporter of a group within the Church of England called the "Inclusive Church". This group is campaigning for the ministries of deacon, priest and bishop to be open to all those called to serve by God, regardless of their sex, race, sexual orientation or disability.

It is fair to say that the Church community includes many with strongly expressed beliefs, for and against, on these issues. It would also be fair to say that these differences are reflected in our congregation. This is clear from the consultation exercise.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who gave their opinion. I know that David and Briony have also found this very worthwhile. We have sought to listen, and reflect, on where we are as a congregation before making a decision. Having done so, we have concluded that placing a formal motion before the PCC would not, at the present time at least, be the right thing to do.

The issues of sex and sexuality within the Church are, as expected, challenging for many of us and we need to respect these differences. The consultation exercise made clear that we pride ourselves on our welcome for all, regardless of sex, sexuality, disability or anything else. I have personally found some of the aspects covered by the guest speakers, and in the discussions, challenging. My hope is that you did, too.

These issues will not, of course, go away. We will, I am sure, continue to explore them collectively and individually as part of a living faith.
Andrew Chastney

Replacement of the parish church boilers and guttering - Jan 2006

Towards the end of last year a Faculty granting permission for the replacement of the parish Church boilers and guttering was received. These works will be carried out shortly. With fingers crossed that the functioning boiler will hold out, we have decided to wait until the end of April/beginning of May to start work on the boilers. This should mean warmer weather and remove the need to be without heat altogether in the cold season for one and possibly two Sundays.

The boilers are about 20 years old and do not now meet the increased emissions standards. Because of their age it is good housekeeping to replace rather than spend on repair work, which can only be short term. The guttering replacement means that the extensive overflowing of the guttering when it rains should cease and the stonework not receive a regular soaking, which causes damp and erosion. I am grateful to The Friends of the Parish Church and to other generous donors for financially supporting these works. David Eaton

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