Leatherhead Parish Church with All Saints: The Jenkins

February 2017

Robert retired and now lives in Mole Valley.

25 June 2006

Robert returned to preach at the 10.30 Family Communion service.

February 2004

On Tuesday 2nd March Robert was Licensed to the Cure of Souls of Cobham and Stoke D'Abernon, by the Bishop of Dorking, Ian Brackley, and was installed as Priest in Charge of St Andrew's Cobham and of St Mary's, Stoke D'Abernon by the Archdeacon of Dorking, Mark Wilson.

Both parishes are working towards the ceation of a United Benefice, of which Robert will have charge as Rector.

The people of both parishes welcomed Robert, and Ann and Dan (Sam and Abi were away at university), and there were people from Robert's curacy parish, St James' Weybridge, and some of us from Leatherhead.

July 2000
Leaving our nets! - the Jenkins family says good-bye

When we arrived in Bookham in September 1980, one of our first tasks was to find a church we felt at home with (consumer choice has always been at the top of Ann's agenda!). We tried various local churches but somehow we felt they were not for us.

As soon as we came to Leatherhead we felt that this was the place for us. The very warm welcome we received from the congregation was open but not pressured. The gospel preached by the clergy and witnessed by the parish was one anchored in social concern. We did not know that the consequence of joining Leatherhead would be the reason for our leaving 20 years later!

The church has been the focus for the development of our faith. In 1982 Sandy Morris suggested that Robert become a Reader. Then in 1995, when a Parish review identified the potential need for an additional part time priest in the Parish, Robert responded and David Eaton generously supported his vocation.

Robert began training with the intention of staying in Leatherhead. However, last year, when the decision had to be made on what he would do after ordination in 2000, the idea of continuing to work in the City and working as a priest in Leatherhead during the evenings and at weekends did not seem right. Robert decided that he really wanted to devote his working life to ministry and thus, after ordination on 2 July, he starts work as assistant curate at St James' Parish Church, Weybridge.

Our memories of Leatherhead would fill the pages of many magazines - so a few highlights. Top of the list must be the friends we have in the parish. Sadly, it is only as we leave that we realise how deeply we appreciate the love we have shared with so many people. Abi, Sam and Dan have grown up in a church family that shows a friendship, warmth and concern, rooted in the love we receive from God. It is very special.

As our faith has grown, so have our children, through baptism and confirmation, been nurtured by the spirit of Christ alive in the church. The choir has been a central part of our church life. The whole family has sung in the choir at various times and on some occasions, all five of us together.

We have all learnt to sing with the choir. We have always been impressed by the energy and dedication of choir leaders and members who show enormous loyalty to this vital part of the church.

It is very reassuring to know that if we were a new couple arriving in Leatherhead today we would discover a church that is open and friendly and committed to growing in faith and living the gospel.

We are not a 'numbers' church, packed to the seams each week. But we are a church with depth - depth of spirit and faith. As a family we are, in our own small way, leaving our nets on the shore and following Christ. It is a leaving with a mix of sadness, trepidation and anticipation. But at only twenty minutes away, we shall be popping back to visit the church family which has become so special to us.

Rob, Ann, Abi, Sam and Dan

April 2000
Robert Jenkins to be made Deacon

As many people know Robert has been preparing for ordination for the last three years.

I am delighted that he will be made Deacon at Guildford Cathedral on Sunday 2nd July at 10.30am. Juliette and I will be attending this service and everyone else is invited.

Seats at the Cathedral will be apportioned on a first-come, first-served basis. I hope there will be a real turning out in strength to support Robert on this occasion. If you would like to go but do not have transport please contact on of the churchwardens. Equally, if you have spare capacity in your car could you also let the wardens know.

There will be the normal 10.30am service at the Parish Church on 2nd July and a 9am service at All Saints.

Robert will serve his title in the Parish of St. James, Weybridge. Robert has been a member of this parish for twenty years and has served as a Reader from 1988. His ministry has been widely appreciated and his friendliness, concern and commitment, his sense of fun and Christian integrity, have been much admired. We are very sorry to see Robert move from Leatherhead, but it is for the best of all possible reasons and we can only wish him well.

Robert's wife, Ann Davison, has been equally well-loved and involved in parish life. She has chaired the Social Concern Committee, been an active Choir member and Chalice Assistant. She has championed Third World issues and advocated Fair Trade with developing countries, partly by beginning our Traidcraft Stall. It's not every congregation has the current European Woman of the Year as one of its members!

Abigail, Sam and Daniel have also been active church members in our Choir, and Abigail and Sam have been Servers. To Robert, Ann, Abigail, Sam and Daniel, for all their service to Christ and to our church, we say Thank You and Godspeed.

Robert will preach a final sermon at the 10.30am service on June 25th, the family's last Sunday with us. There will be a Reception in the Parish Church Hall following the service. At this Reception a presentation will be made to Robert and Ann and their family. If you would like to contribute to this presentation please pass donations to one of our Churchwardens.

David Eaton