Parish of Leatherhead
Extracts from the Great War related Parish Magazines

1914  1915  1916  1917 1918 post-1918

These are selected extracts from the monthly Parish Magazines of the Church of England Parish of Leatherhead, Surrey, which was then in the See of Guildford in the Diocese of Winchester.

They are provided so that we can see something of how this parish coped with the hitherto largely unimaginable effects of modern industrialised warfare. The Vicar was Rev Thomas F Hobson (1910-26).

They show the practical ways in which relief evolved within a framework of Christian compassion - for all - supported by prayer and thoughtfulness.

They also illustrate how from the start women in the church family took on responsibilities. The parish at this time already played an important social service role in the funding of nursing care and provision of relief.

The extracts are provided with each year on its own page and by month within page. The source material is the bound copies of our parish magazines held at the Surrey History Centre. Relevant additions post-1918 will be made as source availability permits, e.g. awards, deaths and the creation of memorials.

The language used is, of course, of its time.

Frank Haslam
Parish Archivist

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